A great Christmas gift!!!

Uncategorized Dec 29, 2021

Ok. Let’s have some fun! 😂

🎁 What was your most interesting Christmas gift you got this year or have ever received ??? ðŸĪŠ

My 15-year old son and I love watching TV together after everyone else goes to bed. Usually Seinfeld, Schitt’s Creek or Shark Tank.

One night, well over a month ago, we saw this product on Shark Tank and talked about how awesome this would be if it works!!! It’s supposed to keep your sheets from wadding up in the wash! #ihatethat And then socks and towels get wadded up too and don’t dry.
Has this happened to you?

My VERY thoughtful son remembered this show and ordered it for me for Christmas. I was seriously laughing so hard when I opened it!!! I had totally forgotten about it but was SOOOOO excited!

So, testing it out today!!!!

Super fun and very interesting gift!



It worked!!!! So cool!!!

click here to order yours!👇ðŸŧ👇ðŸŧ👇ðŸŧ




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