Does Food Matter?

I think we can all agree that the human body needs to eat healthy. However, what does that mean to you? There are soooo many differing opinions on meat or no meat, diary or no dairy, caffeine or no caffeine, sugar or no sugar, gluten or no gluten... yadda yadda yadda. 


I have been on some of the most strict diets as I had allergies to literally THOUSANDS of food items. I was so stressed about it all and this continued to provoke my autoimmune response.

I will never forget one birthday where my husband brought me a bowl of organic black beans with a candle in it because that was one of the only food items I was able to eat at the time. THIS was a humbling experience for me.

Finally, I went through over 4 years, 3 times a week receiving allergy treatments from my Naturopathic Doctor.

Here's what I have found...

I now can eat ANYTHING I choose to and 99% of the time have absolutely 0 negative reaction.

How? The treatments I went through taught my body to NOT...

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