Check out the latest podcast episodes. Curious about feeling better? Do you believe there is hope for you? What are the steps that will help?


Autoimmune Transformation Story

From twenty plus years of multiple autoimmune issues, Shawna took back her health. 
Hear her story and the steps that may help you as well.


4 Words That Changed My Prayer Life

4 words that changed everything in my prayer life. What are your expectations when you pray? How do you know if you are praying for the right thing?


Scratching the Surface of Dis-Ease

Do you feel like the PAIN is too much? 😣 Do you feel like there is no hope for you? 😥

I hear you! And yet, you're thinking... "You don't know my story." That's true. I don't, but what I do know is that there may be a glimmer of light for you today. Would you be willing to scratch the surface with me and listen in?


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3 steps to become the VICTOR rather than the VICTIM.

Access the kind of FAITH that moves MOUNTAINS.

The Mindset Obstacle Course. 
Let's chat about what's REALLY holding you back.


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