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My group in Denver is always so excited when they know that RubyKay will be speaking for our class! They know they will learn a lot and have a fantastic fun time!

RubyKay is enthusiasm personified. The Energizer Bunny on steroids with an Einstein brain and a schoolteacher’s ability to break things down to a very understandable level. Each time, she brings unique concepts and great ideas that we can put to use that very night. She has a huge following and each time you see her speak, you know why!

If you ever have the opportunity to hear one of RubyKay’s presentations … or have dinner with her … DO NOT pass up that chance!!!

Diane M.

RubyKay has blossomed into an inspiring, dynamic, and natural leader.

As a speaker, both in formal settings and in informal circumstances, RubyKay is genuine, thoughtful, creative, and engaging!
She has been so transparent in sharing her wellness journey. She has been a master educator as she has communicated her health interventions in a way that others can relate to for their benefit.

Through her vulnerability, she has helped others to find effective strategies in becoming the CEO of their health.

Deborah Lahman

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